TipTopTemp Setup instructions for Primo Grill style grills

TipTopTemp Setup instructions for Primo Grill

Created by a Greg C of Caldwell, Idaho (TTT user)

What is it: This is a handy inexpensive temperature control device that sits on top of your grill (over the vent). It has a temperature sensitive coil that will react to the heat to maintain the same temperature of the grill.


What’s do you need: TipTopTemp and OOK plate hanger size 10-14 (yea, a device to hang your fancy dinner plates😊).


How To The instructions on the box work pretty well with just minor adjustments. I found that I needed to keep the bottom vent open about 1/2 inch or so, shutting it all the way killed my fire. Remove Top Vent Cap:

Prepare the TipTopTemp device with the plate hanger:

Pull the rubber sleeve down just around the edge

Light the Primo:

This is like normal, open the bottom vent all the way (your top one is already fully open now). Wait for Target Temp: When you get near your temp (mine was 250) you are ready to attach the TipTopTemp(TTT).

**You may want to shut the bottom vent a bit as you get closer.

Close bottom vent leaving only about ½” open Open the top of the TTT so it is at a 90degree angle Attach the TTT to the top fastening with the plate hanger.

Wait for TTT to settle: Now that you have attached the TTT fully open to the Primo, it will start to close as the temperature coil reacts to the heat. Once it has stopped moving its time to lock it down. Close the TTT leaving just a crack (Open a little more than this image).

Now the TTT will try and maintain this temp, as the grill cools the top will open to let air in and then close when it gets back to the desired temp. The temp will fluctuate 10-20 degrees as it adjusts.

**You may have to close the bottom vent a touch more if it is creeping above and not going back down.