What Our Customers Say

Simple and clever. I almost feel stupid for not coming up with it myself. It is the Occam’s Razor of temperature control designs.” – Addertooth, www.KamadoGuru.com.

Many of us over at the Broil King Forum have been experimenting with this temperature control device. Simply put the results have been AWESOME. It is the best thing since sliced bread. I’m in no way affiliated with this product but I have to say as a Weber owner and a Keg owner I could not be more pleased.” – K'man, www.KamadoGuru.com.

I saw this temp controller for the Weber kettle called ‘TipTopTemp’ and I got one and this thing works great on the Weber and I thought, ‘I wonder if it would work on the keg,’ and it does fit.” – Uncle, www.BigSteelKeg.com.

Got my tiptoptemp yesterday and thought I would test it today without meat and this thing is amazing” – irv39, www.WeberKettleClub.com.

We can tell you this will help create many calls and also add less stress to our turn ins. TipTopTemp does all the work and takes the guess work out of the cook.” – Kathy, www.FuggsAndFoach.com.

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