TipTopTemp® Device Instructions

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Thank you for purchasing a TipTopTemp® barbecue controller.

To accommodate some grill styles and options, the TTT now comes in two easy to assemble parts. Place the smaller section on top of the larger base and push down, pushing the tabs through the cutouts. You may hear a 'click' as the parts engage. Firmly grip the base while turning the smaller section clockwise to secure. Be sure the damper moves freely. Always use a digital temperature meter and probe to continuously check your grill. The TTT controls the temperature by limiting airflow.


Mounting the TTT will vary to the model of grill, but the general rule is to slide the red band slightly off the housing enough to make contact with the grill vent to create an air seal.

To begin:

1. Load grill and light a small amount of charcoal. A large lit coal bed is hard to control.

2. Mount TTT over the upper (lid) vent and close lid. Use the knob to open the damper,

do not force or overturn the knob. Open the damper as temperature increases.

TTT damper will need to be opened several times during warm up.

3. Approximately 50 degrees below desired temperature- close damper to about

1/4 opening. TTT will start controlling the temperature by limiting airflow.

Now let the TTT do the rest while the temperature settles.

4. Fine tune the desired temperature by adjusting the damper as needed.

Temperature changes take time, make small adjustments and allow several

minutes between each adjustment.

5. Bottom venting will depend on temperature and grill style. Open bottom

vent 25% for low temps, increase venting for higher temps


For Kettle style grills:

If using Retaining clips, slide long end of clip under OEM daisy wheel vent.

Place 3 or 4 clips spaced around vent. Adjust clips so TTT sidewall will

mount between short ends of clip. Push down silicone gasket over clips

ends to create seal on lid. Retaining clips are not required but they help

hold the TTT when lifting the lid.


Performer and large handle grills, mount the TTT with the handle

outside. The clips can still be used if desired.


5” ceramic style grills with fixed vents:

Place TTT over OEM vent, push band down to create seal to vent. Use curved ends of wire hanger to hook edge on both sides of vent, pull hanger over TTT with a spring on either side.


4” ceramic style grills with fixed vents:

Loosen set screw in plastic handle, remove handle, leaving metal handle tab.

Wrap square gasket inside TTT, align gasket seam to metal handle tab and push TTT into place, covering the vent cap.


5” ceramic style grills with removable vents:

Remove the OEM vent cap, install the 2 inch wide band on

grill opening and push TTT into band.


Keg and barrel style grills:

Place the TTT on top of the OEM, remove TTT

when opening the lid to prevent it falling.


6” ceramic style grills with removable vents:

Remove the OEM air vent.

Wrap the gasket around the vent hole. Insert the TTT. Clean your TipTopTemp® barbecue controller

with warm soapy water and brush.

The TipTopTemp damper coil has a Deflection rate : 38°C – 300°C (100°F — 600°F) or about 0.346 angular degrees per degree °C. Once in operation, the damper will move independent of the knob’s position to provide the desired temperature range +/- 15 ° F.