Instructions and Temp Chart

In case you would rather watch a instructional video- then here are some YOUTUBE videos created by TTT customers. This list can change and these videos were not produced by folks at TipTopTemp. They are for the most part accurate but always use common sense when using the TTT. The device is not complicated- do not overthink the tool.



If you still want to read, then please continue...

Congratulations on your purchase of the model # TTT-02 TipTopTemp. It is the next step in charcoal and solid fuel grill temperature control. Your TipTopTemp works by controlling the airflow.  When you need temperature controlled over long periods, use the TipTopTemp. Ideal for “low and slow” BBQ cooking, such as ribs, brisket, soups and baked goods. Use it to help control smokers too. 


Your TipTopTemp works by controlling the air flow to the fuel.

METHOD #1 (customer recommended method)

Instructions: Start a grill with a few coals, do not overload the grill. For a target temperature of 212F (100C) for example. Use a external grill thermometer. When the grill approaches temperature, close the bottom vent, open the top vent, turn the TTT damper open 90' degree( do not force knob or damper past 90'), pull the gasket slightly off the edge of the TTT, place the TTT over the top vent and lightly push the TTT down to seat the gasket to the lid. Damper will start to close.  When the TTT damper quits moving, turn the TTT damper knob to the almost closed position (Do not use the numbers).The grill will continue to heat slightly as the limited oxygen is used. Now the TTT is set for the target temperature of the grill.

Do not overshoot the target temperature. To adjust, open the TTT slightly and let it feed the grill some air. As the grill warms, the TTT damper will again move to the closed position but at the higher temperature. Wait 10-15 minutes between corrections for the temperature to stabilize. You will discover 212F(100C) is approximately 2.5 on the dial at 80F(27C) ambient air temperature. Dial setting will change with varying target temperature and ambient air temperature.


Turn the knob to the desired temperature setting (refer to the chart below), matching the left hand side lip (see arrow below) to the setting you want.

Light 4-6 charcoal briquettes completely and place them in the center of the charcoal grate. Pile 15-20 charcoal briquettes or equivalent lump charcoal around and on top of the 4-6 lit briquettes.

Put the cooking rack in place and food on the cooking rack. Put the kettle lid on. 


Remember: The TipTopTemp must be able to control all of the air flow. 

Stretch the rubber band gasket around the base. Two thirds of the band should be on the base, leaving one third below the rim of the TipTopTemp

Place the TipTopTemp over the top vent, pressing down slightly to seat the gasket to the lid's arc. The damper will begin to close and open as it adjusts to the heat rising through the TipTopTemp

Each TipTopTemp is custom made and each kettle will seal differently, your temperatures may vary slightly from device to device, always use a reliable thermometer to verify your settings.

 Each setting on the dial will provide an increase of 31 - 35°C (84 - 94°F) above the ambient temperature when you set the TipTopTemp

Set the dial numbers for this approximate temperature range: 

(1-2) LOW 31-62°C (84 - 112°F) above ambient

(3-4)MEDIUM 93-104 °C (167 - 187F) above ambient

(5-6)HIGH 155-186°C (280 - 335°F) above ambient 

Do not overload the grill with charcoal. Only a few pieces of fuel should be lit, a fully lit fuel load will take longer to control.

Do not open the lid unnecessarily.

Never leave any grill unattended.

The TipTopTemp WILL get HOT.

Each BBQ grill has slightly different air leakage. The bottom vent may need adjusting.

Not intended for use by persons ages 12 and under. 

TipTopTemp’s temperature control is best explained as Control of Temperature Increase.

The TipTopTemp damper coil has a Deflection rate : 38°C – 300°C (100°F — 600°F) or about 0.346 angular degrees per degree °C. Once in operation, the damper will move independent of the knob’s position to provide the desired temperature range +/- 15 ° F.

This means that if the damper is set 100° DA (Degree Angular) from closed, it will raise the grill temp 34.6° C (94.2° F) from the surrounding temperature. If you start on a nice 80°F day, the grill will be about 175°F, if you start on a cool 30°F the grill will be about 124°F at the 100°DA point. For a higher Temperature Increase, open the damper a little as it starts to close until your desired temp is in the range of the dampers movement.

(1-2) LOW 31-62°C (84 - 112°F) above ambient This is a customer created chart and should be used as approximate values only, always use an digital thermometer to verify the temps. TipTopTemp is not responsible for this information.
(3-4)MEDIUM 93-104 °C (167 - 187F) above ambient Dial Settings Temp Chart 08/02/19
(5-6)HIGH 155-186°C (280 - 335°F) above ambient
    Dial Settings              
   Ambient 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Temperature C 10 41 72 103 134 165 196 227 258 289
  15 46 77 108 139 170 201 232 263 294
  20 51 82 113 144 175 206 237 268 299
  25 56 87 118 149 180 211 242 273 304
  30 61 92 123 154 185 216 247 278 309
  35 66 97 128 159 190 221 252 283 314
  40 71 102 133 164 195 226 257 288 319
  45 76 107 138 169 200 231 262 293 324
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Temperature F 50 106 162 218 274 330 386 442 498 554
  60 116 172 228 284 340 396 452 508 564
  70 126 182 238 294 350 406 462 518 574
  80 136 192 248 304 360 416 472 528 584
  90 146 202 258 314 370 426 482 538 594
  100 156 212 268 324 380 436 492 548 604
  110 166 222 278 334 390 446 502 558 614