Calibration, Parts and Temperature Reference Chart

A metal replacement knob, There is still some demand for the TTT-002 model plastic knob. Knobs with 1/8" shaft hole are available online, use a 9/64 reamer or drill bit to open the knob shaft hole slightly. The knob setscrew is probably 1/16" Allen/hex tool.

Knob calibration can be achieved by immersing the damper coil in boiling water and marking the point that damper movement stops. Here the video

The temperature reference chart, TTT-003 or T3 does not have the same pre-numbered knob as was used to create the chart below. Please cross reference the T3 sticker or mark the hardwood knob wish to use the chart below. It is best to use a digital thermometer to set your TipTopTemp.

This is a customer created chart for the discontinued TTT-002 and should be used as approximate values only. Always use a digital thermometer to verify the temperature.


TTT temp chart

The facebook download link is here.